Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Teacup Tuesday I'm away but..

     Yesterday,  I went back to visit my old home and my best friend, Sherry,  for a few days. We have been friends for +35 years. I insist we haven't changed. lol I love the old stories that have taken us from innocent, young women thru crushes, new clothes, new travel adventures,  cars, family crises, great jobs, no jobs, motherhood... thru facing happy times and sad times... silly times where she would read her scarriest paperbacks out loud and I would be up all night. (Amityville Horror, The Exorcist, the Omen, etc..), and where we are at this minute, girls in our 50s.Separately we are whole women, but together we are a greater strength, sharing more history than even some family members. Great friendships are so important.   While we plan to go to a teahouse this trip, TODAY is TT!  I happened to have a memory stick with pics on it and here is my teacup.
Who will it be??

England's Salisbury Bone China Company was producing china from 1927 to1949. In 1961,it was taken over by Thomas Poole and moved to Chadwick Street, Longton.