Friday, June 17, 2011

Visiting Lehmans..Holy BBQ!!

Happy Pink Saturday!! This past weekend, my husband and I drove to Amish country. We neded a part for our tomato grinder and stopped at Lehmans.(of coarse, they had it.) Lehmans is the final word on historic hardware. Need a butterchurn? or a grill? They have it. Today's pink is a find at Lehmans! Ready??


Isn't this just the cutest spot to grill your favorites!? I couldn't wait until Pink Saturday to come! lol
 Lehmans is a fun destination if you are ever near Kidron, Ohio. This family store is the best "low-tech" shopping under one roof.  My family loves to visit and view in amazement the non electrics,  which are used by the Amish still today. Visiting the toy shop evokes wonderful childhood memories. The "Buggy Barn" offers demonstrations on topics like maple sugaring, canning, etc.. Lehmans has plenty of modern items , especially kitchen gadgets. On this recent trip, I saw a sign that named the number of movies that Lehmans has lent a hand to by offering authentic pieces or expert historic advice.If you'd like to know more about this historic hardware store, here's their website:
Happy Pink Saturday!!
Window on the barn
Amish countryside in early June.