Friday, June 11, 2010

White Linen Tea House & Cherry Rose Green Tea

  Each Summer while visiting my best friends in Buffalo, New York, we get dressed up and go for tea to the White Linen Tea House. It is a wonderful destination, rooms decorated in Victorian style, complete with fresh linens and fine China on each table! The owner is an accomplished chef who now devotes her talents to creating delicious experiences for her guests. It is always High Tea there and her staff are friendly, accommodating, and knowledgeable about the health benefits of drinking tea. If you are near Wheatfield, NY , try it. It's so worth it.
   The Tea House is where I discovered one of my favorite green teas, Cherry Rose Green Tea. It has a light fruity flavor that lingers a floral taste . I suspect this tea has another name: Cherry Rose Kyoto Sencha, a green tea blended with tiny rose petals ,infused with cherry oil.
  One additional feature of this quaint place is the giant red barn, loaded with antiques and unique treasures. I can not go home without a purchase.