Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day, my influences

Happy Mother's Day to all of you girls, both yound and mature. Her is my mom , like many women, it hasn't always been an easy life, but she will tell you, its a happy one. So mom, thank you for the good advice over the years, being a good role model, teaching us to dream, to cherishing your grandchildren. You are amazing and  we are proud to call you, mom , grandma, and best friend.

Visiting at Thanksgiving, proudly sporting her new top.

Last summer on a porch

Mom's 80th bday at her favorite restaurant, Red Lobster.

She loves Disneyworld.

Second, I want to wish a Happy Mother's day to my wonderful Mother in Law. She is a kind and generous woman, who works tirelessly her home a place where  family can feel welcomed and comfortable. She really has a gift for making others feel welcomed and spoiled. I have learned much about the joy of giving from her.

My mother in law(rt) and I at a tea I gave to celebrate all things Southern
 Next: Happy Mother's Day to Great Grandma Minnie! She is my husband's grandmother. At 97, she rocks the house. She has always been a strong woman in a pint size body. Recently, I had the priviledge of reading her diaries from her childhood..that was so special. Some of her amazing Senior accomplishments: at 75+ she was Citizen of the Year for her tireless work in the community, not a med in her body until about 90+ , continued to deliver meals on wheels in her 80's and could beat all of us at Trivial Pursuit.
Another strong influence came early in my life and lasted only a few years before she passed, but her memory is with me each day. That is my Grandmother, Eva. She was the kindest, most wonderful grandmother you could hope for.Life is Good and God is Great.