Friday, May 20, 2011

Pink Dogwood Pink Saturday

Before I begin, I hope you can join Beverly's Pink Saturday's 3rd Birthday  Party! Hope to see you there.

Hello Pink Saturday Friends! this week's pink is my Pink Dogwood. Pretty pink flowers start lighter in color, and then get slightly deeper as a tree ages...thus, you never get the same color twice. In autumn, these green leaves turn a fiery red, marking the end of summer and bringing color to your fall landscape. It is such a giving tree. The fruit of the Pink Dogwood is an important source of winter food for many songbirds, including robins, cardinals and waxwings.
   I wanted to share a story that my mother repeats each Spring as we admire them. Legend is that the Dogwood Tree was the wood used for crosses during Roman days. However in researching that, it cannot be confirmed. Lets not ruin that for my mom, it will be our secret. ;)

Photo taken 2 years ago, see how the color is much lighter?
Here is a shot taken apx 3 months ago after an ice storm. Happy Pink Saturday!!